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Dir en grey . Mid West Community

URGENT lost item

Dir en grey . Mid West Fan Community

man., Midwest is cows

URGENT lost item

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slow to mediocrity
I was at the INWARD SCREAM show in Chicago at the House of Blues. I started about four rows back, more or less in the center, and eventually fought my way to the rail about 5 songs in, somewhere between Kyo and Die. Sometime between the time I got in place before the concert, and the time I got to the rail, my digital camera fell out of my cleavage, where I had hidden it. (I didn't trust anyone enough to leave it alone--big mistake) I talked to one of the HOB staff people after the show, and the guy asked if it was [insert description here], and I said yes. He said that someone found it but he wasn't sure what happened to it.


If YOU are the one who found it . . .

PLEASE be a decent human being and get it back to me!

Please reply to this thread if you have any information.


Small, silver Fuji Finepix digital camera. It has a 1GB memory card in it. There aren't many pictures on it because I cleared out the memory recently. However, there are several pictures of a pile of shoes, one picture of the back of a wardrobe, a couple of crappy self-pictures I took with one of my friends waiting in line at HOB, and this picture is on it as well.

PLEASE let me know if you have this camera, have seen this camera or have any information about it!
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