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Final weather update!

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Final weather update!

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This is my final update on the weather, since I doubt it will really change now.

FRIDAY WILL BE CHILLY. Not because of a lack of sun. It will be a high of 49 and partly cloudy, but it will also be very windy, dropping to below 40 that evening. Bundle up and stay warm! See you Friday.
  • *nodnodnod* Yay wind... -_- I was so hoping they'd be wrong about that. Ah well. We'll have a fabulous time! See ya!
  • My weather thinger says 54, partly sunny and warmer damnit! Don't kill my dreams of a warm day! :P Can I call you when I leave? *cling* *doesn't want to be a loner* ;__;
    • .....depends on what time...and when you call me, please tell me who you are. I got a call this morning from someone (woke me up dammit!) and bleh!
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